With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree under his belt, Pablo Caracol began his artistic journey through the worlds of sculpture, photography and illustration.

He was drawn to illustration by the power of literary images and their relationship with words. He discovered that all mediums can meet and coexist within that realm.

Currently Pablo focuses his artistic creativity on developing his own projects, the theatrical element of stories being that which moves him. He has published several children's books and has completed other professional projects such as posters, book covers and publicity orders alike.

His work is driven by a determination to decode the fanciful relations between the seemingly disconnected and then combining those elements in a precise way, resulting in a conceptual proposal.

Pablo, in his poetic construct, very often uses the semantic slight of hand, to achieve the integration and combination of elements with the same morphological nature, whose similar visual appearance catches your eye, playful and sometimes perfectly metaphorical--the infallible antidote to the same old same old of everyday life.